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Handsome, eclectic, short, fat, bearded, psuedo-communist, psuedo-Marxist,
pro-choice, anti-establishment, misguided, embryonic hoodlum. I enjoy alternative rock, hip-hop, Dolly Parton
and I have no fear of a black planet.
Life As A Boy
Poetic Compositions of Breeze Vincinz

My first book of poetry. One hulking tome filled with tales of lost loves, unavoidable idiosyncrasies and city life told through the eyes of one precocious Manchild.

Dog and Pony Show
Selected Short Stories

A sampling of shorts stories, novellas, journal entries and sections of works in progress
Breeze Magazine
The Monthly Breeze is a newsletter that I have affectionately deemed to address the needs of the upwardly immobile African American homosexual. The Breeze Magazine is a compilation of the best articles published over the years.
Issue #1 includes the articles "Why Cicely Tyson is God" and "Urban Homosexuality 101"
Issue #2 includes "The Nigger v. Faggot Conundrum" and "Much Ado About Mary Kay Letourneau"
Issue #3 includes "Men in Black (Dresses) and "Incarceration Fairytale Truths"